Meet and chat in a new group of 6 people every day. 6People is a FREE mobile app to make friends and connect with real users.

No swiping. No awkwardness. Just real conversations.

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"It's been so effective and I recommend it for anyone who thoroughly needs to make new friends"
"The best app for chatting with new people"
"I am sure this is one of the best applications which I have used so far to connect with many people in our day-to-day life"

Our Mission

Even though social media is prevalent, why is everyone feeling less connected than ever? People may be receiving endless updates however the reality is that most are likely lacking real interaction.

We want to try something different - 6People assigns you to a group of 6 new people every day so you can meet and chat on a regular basis. It's a platform you can use to chat any time you feel like it.

6People is not a dating app - we're focused on connecting users for friendship and facilitating authentic conversations.

Connect with People

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Many apps these days are based on swiping more and committing less in getting to know someone. We want to provide a platform which is more social with real conversations.

6People provides a platform without the awkwardness common in most other friendship apps as it allows users to connect without the fear of rejection. As one of the best new apps to talk to people, 6People allows users to engage in random chat / talk to strangers in a group chat live environment via texting.


group of people No public profiles to scroll through (you'll only be visible to your group in the chatroom).
people talking Send private messages with the people you feel compatible with after the group session.
people sitting Connect with groups by extending the session* (new chat room will be created with your group)
eating together Your moments with your group will be saved for you to access at any time

Meet new people

It's becoming more difficult to meet friends, especially with Covid-19 restrictions, burnout from work and people comfortable living life in isolation. Although it can be easier to live life within a bubble, by meeting new people users can chit chat with others online or in-person to connect, increase their sense of belonging etc. We encourage all users to make friends teens, adults, elderly - any one can use the app to talk to someone. We want users to regularly communicate – I.e. daily texts between users can create a sense of community and bring people together.

The mobile app allows users to talk with strangers and meet a greater number of potential friends easily by grouping 6 people together every day. By participating in a group chat with strangers (anonymous chat is possible if preferred), not only is there comfort knowing that there's always someone to talk to, there's also a sense of excitement for where the conversations can lead. Why not try the new hangout meet others and regularly socialize?

6People also allows users to chat at their convenience – depending on when users are free to talk, as there are 6 users there should always be someone available to have a chit chat.
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